Windle Wants State To Investigate JRMC Owner Rennova

State representative John Mark Windle wants Tennessee officials to investigate Rennova Health Systems and its CEO Seamus Lagan.

Windle said he has requested an audit on the Jamestown Regional Medical Center owners after talking with current and former employees of the hospital.

“Many of them relayed to me that no withholding has been paid to the state of Tennessee since their previous employment with the previous owner of the hospital,” Windle said. “If this is true, it’s a crime and this Irish gangster needs prosecuted.”

Windle’s request comes less than 24 hours after Rennova temporarily closed JRMC beginning Thursday evening. JRMC officials released a statement saying the closure was due low supplies and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) not reimbursing the hospital beginning Wednesday.

Windle said the state needs to intervene and look into the allegations brought forth by the employees.

“They’re required to do this by state and federal law, and the state of Tennessee must act and take action against this Irish gangster to make sure he can’t come into the United States and abuse Tennessee and American citizens,” Windle said. “It’s just wrong, and he’s a bad guy.”

Windle said Rennova’s decision to close the hospital negatively impacts Fentress County residents.

“I’m bitterly disappointed at the closure with 120 minutes notice to the citizens of Fentress County,” Windle said. “Fentress County is a vibrant community and we must have a hospital not just to help the citizens, but for the economic health of the county.”

Windle said he and other local officials have spoken with the Tennessee Department of Health and Governor Bill Lee on what can be done to remedy the situation at JRMC.

“I anticipate Governor Lee will do exactly what he should do. Governor Lee has taken an interest in the Fentress County situation, in particular the Jamestown Regional hospital,” Windle said. “I look forward to working with Governor Lee’s administration to try and make sure that the employees of this hospital are treated fairly, and also that we have some type of a long-term solution for rural hospitals in Tennessee.”

JRMC Chief Executive Officer Michael Alexander was not immediately available for comment Friday regarding the hospital’s status or the payment allegations.

Published by Logan Weaver

News Reporter and Graphic Designer

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