Livingston Vice Mayor Winningham Dies At 84

Livingston vice mayor Bill Winningham passed away Friday evening.

Winningham son, William, told the Board of Mayor and Aldermen via phone call that his father would soon pass away during a special-called meeting.

“Currently I’m at the hospital. Dad (Bill Winningham) is on the way to expire here,” William Winningham said. “They’ve done all they could do for him here, so he’ll pass away here after awhile.”

During the meeting, William Winningham read his father’s resignation letter to the board prior to his passing. The vice mayor had missed the July alderman meeting due to health issues.

Mayor Curtis Hayes became emotional during the meeting as he reflected on the vice mayor’s service to the city.

“I wish we were in a different place this Friday evening,” Hayes said. “40-plus years he has guided or helped the City of Livingston move forward. His counseling to me – and I’m sure others – has been unmeasurable.”

Hayes said he had a chance to speak with Winningham at the hospital earlier in the week.

“Vice Mayor Winningham absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way when he talked to me at the hospital Tuesday night,” Hayes said. “These are his wishes. He was of sound mind and at first I truly refused to take heed to the conversation.”

Alderman Kelly Coleman said Winningham has had an impact on many peoples’ lives across the community.

“I’m profoundly blessed to have known Bill Winningham all my life,” Coleman said. “He’s been more than a great friend to me and my family, but a mentor in many many ways, and I wouldn’t be sitting here if it weren’t for Mr. Winningham. He’s the one who came to me and encouraged me to consider running.”

The Board of Aldermen voted to accept Winningham’s wishes and appoint Rex Dale to serve in Winningham’s place.

Funeral arrangements for Winningham are incomplete at this time. He was 84 years old.

Published by Logan Weaver

News Reporter and Graphic Designer

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