Baxter Man Arrested After Friday Shooting Incident

A Baxter man faces charges following a shooting incident on Highland Avenue Friday.

Baxter Police report Bob Goodwin was arrested after he allegedly threatened his caretaker with a shotgun.

According to the report, Goodwin’s caretaker told police she had entered the apartment and used the bathroom while Goodwin was asleep. The caretaker stated she had been caring for Goodwin six days a week for two months and that Goodwin leaves the door unlocked for her to enter.

The report states the caretaker heard Goodwin wake up and begin screaming. Goodwin then allegedly grabbed a rifle and pointed it at the caretaker as she entered the hallway.

According to the report, Goodwin shot a round into the doorjamb as the caretaker left the residence to call 911.

Goodwin told police he was “tired of [the caretaker] hitting him” and was not trying to kill her. The caretaker told authorities that Goodwin had threatened her in the past.

Police spoke with a citizen in a neighboring apartment who confirmed they heard a gunshot. The neighbor told police that she had seen the caretaker at the residence on multiple occasions and had not seen any aggressive behavior towards Goodwin.

Goodwin was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges. He is currently being held at the Putnam County Jail on $30,000 bond.

Authorities recovered three rifles and nine canisters of ammunition from Goodwin’s residence.

Published by Logan Weaver

News Reporter and Graphic Designer

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