Big Brothers Big Sisters Promo 2017

This video was created in 2017 to help promote the Big Brothers Big Sisters Zanesville chapter, serving Muskingum, Guernsey, Morgan, and Noble Counties in southeast Ohio.

The video made in order to recruit more volunteers to join the organization and help area children in need of role models.

During the process, I interviewed BBBS administrators and volunteers who participate in the organization’s various programs.

While making the video, I visited an elementary school in Zanesville to see the BBBS’s ‘Lunch Buddy” program to see how volunteers help and interact with children outside of simply taking them to events or the movie theater. The connection the volunteers have with these children were amazing to see, and the administration’s passion for helping children was immeasurable.

The promo was shot using a Nikon D3500 DSLR camera with a shotgun mic attachment. Editing was done through Adobe Premiere while graphics were made in Adobe Photoshop.

The internship lasted during the spring of 2017 with interviews and events taking place over the course of approximately four months.

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